What’s CAMP?

CAMP is a platform where investors can trade and earn a profit like a professional. Our platform is built on the blockchain that uses smart contracts to control payment for all parties, guaranteeing great security and avoiding unnecessary costs. The ultimate goal of CAMP is to develop into a comprehensive decentralized investment platform.

Get a talented crypto trader to grow your investment portfolio

If you’re a “Crypto Newbie” interested in cryptocurrency investment but lack the necessary knowledge and time, why don’t entrust this task to a CAMP fund manager? Our platform offers an investment solution that helps you connect with a variety of funds run by expert crypto investors and traders from all over the world. Let them take care of your investments while you sit back and watch your portfolio grow.

Earn more profit by creating your own crypto fund.

If you’re a “Crypto Guru” who is going to invest in cryptocurrency anyway, why not setup your own fund and get an extra profit from the performance fee? At CAMP, we have all the tools you need to beat the market, along with community support to help you! Now let’s start your own fund, grow your portfolio, and earn more money!


Low Trading Costs and Commissions.

Our platform does not take a cut of any profits made, and we don’t charge you for investing in CAMP fund. Blockchain also reduces operational expenses, making them lower than traditional social trade.

Tools and Features for Advanced Investing

CAMP’s development team creates an application with tools and features that complies with financial principles. All of our user will have access to the most advanced trading tool available.

Transparent & Secure

All crypto investments on our platform are run by smart contracts which store every digital asset on a blockchain as well as prohibit fund managers from investing in SCAM coins. You can be assured that your assets are secure with us.

Tools & Features


Our dashboard visualizes all key financial indicators to help you find the best fund to invest in, such as return rate, CAMP score, max drawdown, and total assets under management.

CAMP Score

CAMP score is a performance metric of fund manager skills developed by a professional trader for an investor. The score covers four cores of the ability, which are return, risk, strategy & timing, and consistency.

Order the best rate first.

CAMP use an algorithm to find the best rate offer automatically, reducing investor work in deciding where and how to acquire the crypto asset.

Investment journal

All trades were recorded as an investment journey that can be downloaded at anytime, consisting of open/ close time, size, price, commission, profit, etc.

Correlation Matrix

Correlation matrix helps investors diversify their investments into managers that have less correlation in order to stabilize an investment.

Technical Chart

We put every chart tool needed for the fund manager to analyze market data, market psychology, behavioral economics.

Short Selling

An investment strategy that speculates on the decline in crypto's price for an experienced fund manager. This function unlocks the potential of making a profit during a bear market.

Leverage & Margin

Tool to increase an investor’s buying power, which requires only a fraction of the investment in order to open a much larger position. This function unlocks the potential to gain enormous profit with lower capital.

CAMP Token

CAMP token is a limited supply token with a tokenomic design that represents the platform’s growth. There are a total of 500,000,000 CAMP tokens. To keep all our beloved users and investors safe, CAMP has a vesting schedule plan of up to 120 months in some cases. The vesting schedule starts counting on the day of the first liquidity pool is launched.

What is a CAMP token for?

Using the platform is free of charge! Then how can we make a $CAMP rise?

Sustainable Ratio

Any funds you invest in will have at least 1% of their capital hold CAMP tokens. Whenever you exit the fund, you will get the 1% back.


We collect a very small amount of trading fees in order to buy CAMP back from the market and burn it!

Premium Yield Staking

Earn bonus $CAMP by holding $CAMP in any of our platform's funds!


Q3 2021

  • Avenger Assemble!
  • Project Set Up
  • Website Launch

Q4 2021

  • Project Development
  • Community Launch
  • Camp Token Launch​

Q1 2022

  • Prototype launch

Q2-Q3 2022

  • Project launch

  • Audit Submit

  • Listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko,DappRadar,etc.

Q4 2022

  • Short contract development
  • Leverage contract development

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